Window Cleaning Glasgow

Window Cleaning

Our range of window cleaning services has expanded to meet our clients’ growing needs.

Our innovative Reach & Wash system enables our window cleaning team to safely clean windows up to 60 feet, or FIVE stories high. Coronet vans have unique purified water systems (no chemicals or cleaning agents) which enable our trained cleaning team to be 50% more effective. The system also means ladders are no longer required, improving health and safety as well as guaranteeing greater privacy and less disruptions for building occupants.

The brushes used are soft-filament, making them perfect for sensitive or stained glass windows.

Benefits of Reach & Wash: 
  • Safer: No climbing ladders to reach unsafe heights - simply extend the pole and our team stays grounded
  • Eco-Friendly: The water used is deionised without detergents and removes almost all natural minerals. The natural minerals in water may be good for humans but on windows they will leave streaks
  • Battery operated: Battery powered system ensures a continuous flow of high pressured water removing more dirt faster
  • Quality: Deionised water means improved quality as it doesn’t use detergents, which attracts dirt and removes minerals, leaving streaks. Our window cleaning system means although the windows are left wet at the end of the cleaning process, there are no streaks to worry about